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Lets start with NEWS headlines first

 Lets start with NEWS headlines first [p] These NEWS headlines might affect stock markets tomorrow [/p]
  • PacWest sells its real-estate lending business to Roc360
  • Urban Edge Properties (UE) Declares [CO].16 Dividend
  • American Capital Trust I - 6% PRF EXCHANGE 31 (AMBKP) Declares [CO].13 Dividend
  • Highway Holdings (HIHO) Declares [CO].25 Dividend
  • J&J Snack Foods (JJSF) Declares [CO].70 Dividend
  • : Achieve Life Sciences says confirmatory late-stage trial of its treatment for quitting smoking achieved positive results
  • Nordic American Tankers (NAT) Declares [CO].15 Dividend
  • : AutoZone earnings hit by weaker-than-expected sales in March, stock slides 3% premarket
  • Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust (PIM) Declares [CO].02 Dividend
  • : PacWest stock soars again toward 3-week high, to help fuel gains in the regional bank sector
  • Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust. (PMM) Declares [CO].02 Dividend
  • Cable One (CABO) Declares .85 Dividend
  • Haverty Furniture's Recent Dividend Hike Makes It a Perfect Dividend Capture Stock
  • Putnam Premier Income Trust (PPT) Declares [CO].03 Dividend
  • Saratoga Investment (SAR) Declares [CO].70 Dividend
  • : US Foods says KKR Fresh Holdings is selling 17.4 million of its common shares
  • : First Citizens sues HSBC over SVB departures and data
  • : Seagate joins flurry of bond issuance with plans to issue up to billion of high-yield bonds
  • : BJ’s Wholesale stock falls toward 4-month low after profit matches expectations but revenue misses
  • : Lordstown stock drops toward record low after declaring 1-for-15 reverse stock split
  • : Dick’s Sporting Goods stock jumps on top and bottom line beat, reaffirmed outlook
  • Alpine Income Property Trust (PINE) Declares [CO].28 Dividend
  • Dillard`s Inc. - (DDS) Declares [CO].20 Dividend
  • Peoples Bancorp Of North Carolina (PEBK) Declares [CO].19 Dividend
  • : Shutterstock to buy Giphy from Meta Platforms for million in cash

Intraday tips for tomorrow.

 Intraday tips for tomorrow. [p] Please note that much more accurate tips can be found on the MunafaSutra.com website under the "Best Intraday Tips section". A direct link to that page is below these tips. Those tips on the website are about 80 per cent to 90 per cent accurate and effective. [/p]
  • KRYS Krystal Biotech, Inc.
    traded with 0.9256 times volume, showed price change of 1.36% and is trading at 119.13 currently.
    SELL call - Entry: 119.96 - TG: 116.07 or 113.02 - Stoploss: 123.01 or 126.9
  • ALGT Allegiant Travel Company
    traded with 0.7138 times volume, showed price change of 1.13% and is trading at 100.56 currently.
    SELL call - Entry: 100.97 - TG: 98.97 or 97.39 - Stoploss: 102.55 or 104.55
  • SSB South State Corporation
    traded with 1.2985 times volume, showed price change of 0.76% and is trading at 65.91 currently.
    SELL call - Entry: 66.27 - TG: 64.64 or 63.38 - Stoploss: 67.53 or 69.16
  • NVEE NV5 Global, Inc.
    traded with 0.6732 times volume, showed price change of 0.5% and is trading at 94.52 currently.
    SELL call - Entry: 94.97 - TG: 93.35 or 92.17 - Stoploss: 96.15 or 97.77
  • PFG Principal Financial Group Inc
    traded with 0.9439 times volume, showed price change of 0.44% and is trading at 70.49 currently.
    SELL call - Entry: 70.65 - TG: 69.96 or 69.44 - Stoploss: 71.17 or 71.86
  • VTWV Vanguard Russell 2000 Value ETF
    traded with 0.5533 times volume, showed price change of 0.16% and is trading at 118.54 currently.
    SELL call - Entry: 118.99 - TG: 117.68 or 116.81 - Stoploss: 119.86 or 121.17
  • SNEX Stonex Group Inc
    traded with 0.7475 times volume, showed price change of 0.15% and is trading at 84.49 currently.
    SELL call - Entry: 84.86 - TG: 83.99 or 83.49 - Stoploss: 85.36 or 86.23
  • AMWD American Woodmark Corporation
    traded with 1.4753 times volume, showed price change of 0.13% and is trading at 54.22 currently.
    SELL call - Entry: 54.7 - TG: 53.6 or 52.99 - Stoploss: 55.31 or 56.41
  • CHCO City Holding Company
    traded with 0.8458 times volume, showed price change of 0.12% and is trading at 90.05 currently.
    SELL call - Entry: 90.46 - TG: 89.04 or 88.02 - Stoploss: 91.48 or 92.9
  • AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    traded with 0.9786 times volume, showed price change of 0.11% and is trading at 108.12 currently.
    SELL call - Entry: 108.77 - TG: 106.54 or 104.97 - Stoploss: 110.34 or 112.57

76 more intraday tips here. Click here

 76 more intraday tips here. Click here

Top Gainers stocks

 Top Gainers stocks [p] These are stocks which gave a strong price move. If a stock keeps appearing in this list often, then that something is happening in that stock, and it might be a suitable stock for short to long term investment. [/p]

Top Volume stocks

 Top Volume stocks [p] These are stocks which gave a very strong move along with high volumes. Volume and price in themselves are the most effective indicators in stock markets, and stocks giving a good price move along with double or more volumes are certainly attracting buyers for one or more reasons. [/p]

Munafa Stocks list

 Munafa Stocks list [p] These are stocks where we think that trend might be shifting upwards. Depending on market conditions, these stocks can either be suitable for short term positions, or might even be good for long term positions. [/p]

    Golden Cross stocks list

     Golden Cross stocks list [p] These are the stocks where a golden cross has been formed on technical charts within a day or two. These stocks must have been giving a strong move for a couple of days now. Golden cross is also the second signal generated by MACD indicator, when stocks enter green zone from a red zone. [/p]

    Stocks where MACD turned

     Stocks where MACD turned [p] These are the stocks where MACD has turned upwards. MACD is a technical indicator which is very widely used for taking positional calls in stocks. Stocks listed here might form a golden cross in coming days. This is a pre-signal for golden cross. [/p]

    Stocks near support

    [p] These are stocks which are falling, but have possibly taken a support now. If a stock has gone up with high volumes, then there is a good chance that the stock can continue its upmove. [/p]
    • FRPT Freshpet, Inc.
      traded with 0.7826 times volume, showed price change of 1.89% and is trading at 67.35 currently.

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