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MunafaSutra is a website meant to provide as much useful information to traders as possible. Sumit Kumar is the sole proprietor of MunafaSutra, who has been an active stock market trader since 2000, and the one who started MunafaSutra in 2012, and since then many traders have joined the group and contributed to the development of MunafaSutra using their expertise. Some of these traders are experts in IntraDay trading, while others are good at positional and swing trading. Its the practical knowledge and expertise of these traders which helped in the development of MunafaSutra, and in the data provided on MunafaSutra. For example, share price targets provided on MunafaSutra are practical targets, derived based on charts, and are not just simple math calculations. Likewise, stock forecast provided is based on technical chart analysis, trend analysis, and not just addition and subtraction to stock prices. MunafaSutra is one of the few websites which shows candle stick charts with each candle stick having different width of its own, which indicates volume change in itself. Thicker the candle, higher the volume and vice versa. Its needless to mention the importance of volume analysis while trading. All the traders are very well aware of importance of volume when deciding trades. MunafaSutra provides stock market charts, and also some very unique features, like the famous "Munafa Value". Hundreds of traders have informed us that this value alone is one of the best prediction tool in stock markets. We have been told that traders based their trades solely on Munafa Value, and made good profits! Munafa Value is a complex algorithm. It performs a complete chart analysis of a given stock and calculates whether the stock will move up or down. Its not an indicator, where a given math formula can be provided to calculate indicator values. Munafa Value is a complete chart analysis system on its own, which performs chart analysis on multiple levels at the same time, to finally predict stock movements! Munafa value is developed by Sumit Kumar, the sole proprietor of MunafaSutra. Sumit Kumar has been an active stock market trader since 2000, and the one who started MunafaSutra.com in 2012. He also organizes stock market coaching classes from time to time, where he teaches practical stock market trading methods. It was he who combined his computer programming skills and stock market technical analysis skills to design and code the algorithm that works behind Munafa value. Sumit Kumar is also the author of the famous book, MunafaSutra Stock Market Training Material, which is the training material taught in the coaching classes held by Sumit Kumar from time to time. The idea behind this book is to provide practical trading knowledge, which other traders can copy and duplicate to earn profits, and not just plain simple theory. Sumit Kumar can be contacted using modes given below: Email: Phone: +91-9818-72-62-82 Office Address: D4/75, Pankha Road, New Delhi, India

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