Which intraday tips provider is best to choose: Free, Cheap, or Sure Shot ones?

Comparison and truth of tips providers. Free, cheap and sure shot ones. Which one to choose?

Free tip providers are of two types:

  1. Brokers who will send you intraday tips for free everyday.
  2. Other small advisory firms which do not have broking license.

In both the cases avoid these. Why?

The broker is sending you intraday tips because his livelihood depends on the brokerage he gets from whenever you place an order. Doesn't matter if the trade is profitable or loss making. He gets his commission.
Its in his best interest that you trade daily, or at least on a regular basis.

Again, remember that he doesn't care if you are making a profit or not. To protect himself, he'll also give you a very small stoploss point, and also a tiny target.
By the time the tip reaches you, either the stock has already hit stoploss, or the target.

In any case, the tip has become useless. But you still take a chance in a hope that the stock will move up. Afterall, its a broker recommendation. You think they know what they are doing...
That upside move almost never happens and either you book your loss "on a daily basis", or you get stuck in a rotting stock.
What is a rotting stock? Read this:

Other advisory firms that are sending you free intraday tips are people who themselves do not have confidence in their tips. They don't want to take the responsibility of your loss
Trading on tips from such firms is a sure shot way of wiping out your trading money...

To make things worse, they will also send you another message the next day, which is nothing but a lie where they brag about the "success" of their tip.
It could be something like this:

Stock XYZ given yesterday for buy at 20 rupees.
Stoploss: 19.50 rupees
Target: 22 rupees
Target hit! Profit 10% in one day!!!

They won't tell you that when they sent you the tip, the price was already 21.75 rupees.
The Buy price they gave you was actually a lot lower than the price at which the stock was trading...
You thought that may be the message got delayed, or may be the market moved too fast...And you took the trade.
The stock moved another 25 paise, and started falling...And now you are holding a rotting stock.

2. Sure shot call providers: Ya right!!! ;) Don't you think if someone had this magic lamp, they'd be Rakesh Jhunjhunwala??? Why is this person spending time sending SMS alerts and intraday tips? Why isn't he trading himself???
He could easily be crorepati in one year. Afterall, he has the magic lamp which gives him "sure shot" intraday tips everyday!

This guy must be very generous and kind-hearted to give away those costly tips for just 5000 rupees a month to you, and not trade himself...
A potential candidate for a nobel price!!! ;)

3. Cheap tip providers: These are also of two types

  1. Someone who has recently started this service, and wants to build a client base by giving a discounted price.
  2. Again an advisory that is just trying to cheat you, and they want to get paid for doing this...

How to use free intraday tips successfully

 How to use free intraday tips successfully

1. Note down the tip on a piece of paper.

2. Check the current market price of the stock in the market. Make sure that you can still get the stock at a good profit margin. Also make sure that the stock is not already on a circuit.

3. Next day or when the market closes, check if the stock has hit the target or not.
Don't depend on the "self praising" messages from the tips provider.
Check the "HIGH" the stock made yesterday.
If the target was 22, and stock went upto 23, then obviously it did hit the target.
Similarly, check the "LOW" in case of a sell call tip.

You can check yesterday prices here:
Enter the name of the stock in the search box, find the stock, and click the link. Thats all. The price table for the last couple of days is right there.

All of this will just take 5 minutes of your time, but imagine the kind of money you will save. Not to mention, the genuine tips provider you just found!!!

BTW, tips providers who give positional calls are much better than intraday tips providers, specially the ones who give a call after the market has closed.
They cannot fake the current price,the message also reaches you in time, because you'll trade the next day. So all those delays and assumptions etc are discounted.

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 Which intraday tips provider is best to choose: Free, Cheap, or Sure Shot ones?


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