Tips for investing

Best practices and tips for investing

First thing to know, its risky to invest in stock markets. Second thing to know, best practices to avoid making big loss. Third thing to know, which companies are good, and which are not. Technical and Fundamental analysis knowledge will help. I'd recommend reading this training material It covers everything you need to know to make money in stock markets. Some good practices are: 1. If a stock is falling, do not try to catch its fall, and do not try to get in. Wait, it will give you enough time to get in later. 2. Always check trend of stock first. Do not sell uptrending stock, do not buy downtrending stock, and follow the U-turns of range bound stocks. 3. If you are already invested in a stock, and its falling, do not average it every now and then. Avoid averaging at all, but if you have to, then average when technical conditions are met. Those are explained in that training mateerial in detail. 4. Never trade without a stoploss. This is the point where you will cut your loss to keep it to a minimum, and will look for a different trade. Determine your stoploss at the time of entry itself. 5. Never trade with borrowed money. This is a really bad idea. You can watch some of these videos to get some more pointers:

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 Videos related to:  Tips for investing

 Tips for investing


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