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Intraday, BTST, STBT, and Positional, daily picks, NSE -

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Intraday, BTST, STBT, and Positional, daily picks, NSE

Now available daily intraday CE and PE options trades for NSE, in the same service, no additional cost!

These suggested options trades have high accuracy. Nifty and BankNifty options trades can have upto 99% accuracy, and individual stock options can have upto 80% accuracy.

You have gone from tip provider to tip provider, and some even charge 15,000 rupees per tip, but each time you felt cheated and lost your money. Even the free tips on popular business channels seem like a manipulated scam every now and then.

The solution to this is very simple.

 The solution to this is very simple.
  • 1. Learn about stocks and understand charts.
  • 2. Develop a system of picking stocks and follow this system.

How about I give you my personal system of picking stocks?

 How about I give you my personal system of picking stocks?

Yes, the exact system I personally use to pick stocks for trading, you can also use that same system to pick stocks for yourself! And my methods are very simple. I do not like to complicate things.

Using my experience in stock markets, I got a system developed for my personal use. This system picks stocks for me based on special conditions or indicator settings, and it even calculates stoploss points for me.

This is what you have always wanted, isn't it?
One indicator setting which works accurately. One candle pattern which gives results!

And this is exactly what you will get here!

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27 GBP

Sample Chapter 2: how to watch stock market, Hindi

Sample Chapter 12: How & why to Draw TrendLines on charts, Hindi

You get:

 You get:
  • Trend Reversal scanner. (All tracked exchanges)

    When is the right time to get into a stock? Just when its reversing its trend, isn't it? This is exactly what this scanner does.

    It will find the stocks which were in downtrend, but are now changing their trend upwards. And you get to take a position in these stocks at these initial levels. Believe me, most stocks will not be in NEWS either. They will come in NEWS when they have already given 10% or 20% returns. But by that time they are too risky. So its these initial levels where we take a position in these stocks.

    The best part about this scanner is that you "do not" have to select a few stocks from this list to trade in.
    Suppose the scanner picked 12 stocks, and you have 100,000 rupees to invest.
    So you simply take position in 10 stocks out of these 12 stocks, and invest 10,000 rupees in each stock.
    Suppose 2-3 stocks hit their stoploss, and you take exit from those, even then you are still holding 7-8 stocks which are moving up and up.

    So far, returns from this scanner have been mind blowing. I really mean it. In 20 days of holding, I got stocks which gave upto 20% and even 30% returns.
    This is not a joke. This really happened! And its not like it happened one time, it keeps happening again and again, with multiple stocks.
    Remember, we picked stocks which were reversing their "TREND", and we picked them at really low levels. When a stock reverses its trend, it runs, really runs. This is the reason why these stocks are giving so high returns.

    Returns of anything between 5% to 20% per month is "easy" with this scanner. I really mean this.
    And you need not select stocks. Just buy the top 10 stocks shown by the scanner, and hold them with a tight stoploss. That is all you need to do with these.

    Stoploss is also marked by the scanner for you. You take trades using your trading account, and you add the stock in your tracklist on my website, and the stoploss point will be marked automatically.
    This scanner is even beating the results of the "Positional Reversal" scanner, also mentioned below.
  • New High Low scanner. (All tracked exchanges)

    This scanner will list the stocks which made a new 52 week High or Low. 52 week High Low levels serve as very strong support and resistance points, and when these are broken, large moves can be expected. But the problem is that you do not know if the stock has been making new Highs or Lows for many days, or did it just started today itself. Because if 2-3 days have already gone, then good chances that some profit booking will come, and you will get stuck at a very high or low point.

    This scanner solves this problem. It will only show those stocks which made a new High or Low today itself. So this is the first day of the large move, and you can be of the first ones to capture this move. Book your profits of about 10% to 20% in a short time period and exit the trade!
  • Positional Reversal scanner. (All tracked exchanges)

    This scanner will find stocks which are reversing their trend and are good for positional trading, meaning you can hold these stocks for 10-15 days, and earn a profit.

    This scanner is also capable of giving profits upto 10% to 20% per trade in just 10-15 day holding period time. It also marks a stoploss point in case the stock reverses, so you can exit the trade without increasing your loss too much. Please note that its safe to hold the stock for as long as the stoploss point is not hit.
  • Live Fast MACD scanner. (NSE only)

    This will find stocks based on a MACD setting which I found works best for short term trades. If you wish to hold a stock for 3-5 days and want to make 5% to 10% profits, then this is the scanner you want. Automatically generates a stoploss point, and as long as the level is not broken, you can keep holding the stock.

    That is 5% to 10% profit in a week. Meaning a total of 20% to 40% profit each month! May be you will not make 40% profit each month, but is 20% profit bad?

    Its called Fast MACD because it generates signals 1-2 days before other people will get the signal. They will buy the stock then, but you are already holding the stock today itself. I used many MACD settings, and then finally settled on this particular setting for MACD indicator. It works for me, and will work for you too!
  • HOL Scanner. (NSE only)

    This is the most talked about intraday scanner in the training material. My favourite for intraday. If I am taking an intraday trade, then 90% chances that I picked the stock using this scanner. Gives good returns, and is accurate in predicting stock movement.

    This is the combination of HOE and OLE scanners in the stock market training material. Both combined into one for easy and quick sorting of stocks. Automatically generates a stoploss point. So you know your risk before you enter in the trade.
  • BTST and STBT scanner. (NSE only)

    This scanner finds stocks based on a very specific condition. Its accurate, and stocks can be held for 3-5 days. So even if the stock did not move the very next day, still chances of loss are very less with these stocks. Profit that can be earned is between 2% to 10% per trade.

    Most of the times you will be able to exit the trade next morning itself, but if you decide to hold for more profits, then there is no harm in it. This also gives a stoploss point, and as long as stock is not breaking this level, then it will give the move you wanted, tomorrow or in 2-3 days.

In addition to this, you get one more lists.

 In addition to this, you get one more lists.
  • Buzzing stocks in Intraday.

    Be the first ones to find which stocks started giving large moves in intraday, and get in on these before others can get in. Then you book profits in a few minutes, and exit the trade.
    Automatically calculates your stoploss point, so you already know the risk you are taking.

These are 6 special methods I am giving you. I use each of these in my own trading, and you too can use these.

These are my special conditions which I have tested for years, and made profit with these. And now you too can use these same stocks!

Is it not better that you get a list of 10 specially picked stocks, and you trade in 2-3 of those, instead of getting 1-2 tips which may or may not work?

All the stocks picked by the scanners are matching trusted, time tested conditions, so you can trade in any of those, and your stoploss is automatically calculated for you, meaning you know your risk before you enter in the trade.

Cost and How to sign up?

 Cost and How to sign up?

Free things with Munafa Sutra Stock market training material

  • Free, complete Munafa Sutra Stock Market training material, English PDF books
    The Munafa Sutra stock market training material is not just a theory book. Its a very practical approach to trading.
    The course will tell you the correct place to average a stock so that your loss can change into profits, when to use SMA or when to use EMA and why, which indicators to use in which trend and why, how to calculate intrinsic values and time values in option premiums very quickly and by just looking at strike and premium, which box size to use in Renko or PNF charts and why, and many many more such practical things.

  • Free, Complete Hindi Audio recording of the Munafa Sutra Stock Market Training material.
    You can either read the English PDF files, or you can use the complete hindi audio recordings.

Cost of this system is only rupees 1900/- per month.

 Cost of this system is only rupees 1900/- per month.

Or you can simply make the payment, and fill the form below and I will handle the rest.

 Or you can simply make the payment, and fill the form below and I will handle the rest.

You can pay using these options below:

Click here to pay using

27 GBP

Stop asking tips from here and there, and start following a trading system today!
This is how money is made in stock markets.
This is how winning is done!

 Stop asking tips from here and there, and start following a trading system today! 
This is how money is made in stock markets. 
This is how winning is done!

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Below is a preview of the Track list inside the system. Look at all the information you get at one quick glance.

  • You can see buy and sell signals based on indicators,
  • Munafa value of multiple stocks at one place, and Bullkhan value as well,
  • Important moving averages which act as support and resistance points,
  • Deviation which is how much move it gives in intraday,
  • Current trend and when the trend changed,
  • A quick 3 month chart
  • And any notes or alert levels which you or the system has set.

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