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SILVER NEWS why is Silver (chandi) price falling or rising -

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SILVER NEWS why is Silver (chandi) price falling or rising

SILVER NEWS reasons for why stock price of Silver (chandi) is falling or rising

SILVER Silver Chandi is falling or rising technical reasons

Technical analysis forecast of Silver Chandi Stock is that its in a uptrend for shortterm, and I will avoid taking a SHORT or SELL trade in this stock. Look for opportunities to BUY or go LONG in Silver Chandi SILVER at this time. Stock is rising and might rise more.

It appears as if Silver Chandi SILVER gave a large move recently.

Stock of Silver Chandi (SILVER) is trading above an important moving average line, and it has been above this line for quite some time now. This is a good sign, and the stock might keep rising and move higher!

My analysis of Silver Chandi is bullish for shortterm, but stock is in semi over bought zones and there are some chances of seeing a fall tomorrow. Use 70227.4 as stoploss in an intra day sell trade for a target of 67366.53. However, stock will show a bullish move above 70227.4.

SILVER Silver Chandi is falling or rising NEWS fundamental reasons

Gold price declines by Rs 10 to Rs 59,680, silver remains unchanged The price of ten grams of 22-carat gold also dropped by Rs 10 to Rs 54,700 - NEWS as on 2023-03-28

Gold price remain steady at Rs 59,840, silver rises Rs 100 to Rs 73,400 The price of ten grams of 22-carat gold also remained unchanged to Rs 54,850 - NEWS as on 2023-03-27

Gold rises by Rs 650 to 59,780, silver surges Rs 1,000 to Rs 72,600 The price of ten grams of 24 carat gold in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai is Rs 59,930, Rs 59,830, and Rs 60,430, respectively - NEWS as on 2023-03-24

Silver prices hit 7-week high of ₹72,600 "As prices have surged there is hardly any demand for bullion in the market. Gold dealers are offering discounts on the yellow metal. The current rally in the precious metal is being driven by investment demand," said Prithviraj Kothari, MD, Riddisiddhi Bu - NEWS as on 2023-03-24

Gold price declines Rs 870 to Rs 59,130, silver falls Rs 500 to Rs 71,600 The price of ten grams of 22-carat gold fell by Rs 800 to Rs 54,200 - NEWS as on 2023-03-23

Gold price tumbles Rs 480, silver declines Rs 345: HDFC Securities Gold price tumbled Rs 480 to Rs 58,770 per 10 gram in the national capital on Wednesday amid a fall in rates of the precious metal internationally, according to HDFC Securities. The yellow metal had settled at Rs 59,250 per 10 gram in the previous trade. S - NEWS as on 2023-03-22

Gold plunges Rs 470; silver declines Rs 420 Gold prices have corrected almost 2 per cent after prices hit a fresh 52-week high of USD 2,010 per ounce on Monday as short-term traders took profit and fears of a full-blown banking meltdown eased, Gandhi said. - NEWS as on 2023-03-21

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SILVER Silver (chandi) current price & indicator signals

Moving Averages for Silver (chandi)

  • 5Day Average: 69650.4
  • 12Day Average: 67993.25
  • 20Day Average: 66088.65
  • 50Day Average: 66884.26
  • 100Day Average: 66205.08
  • 150Day Average: 62925.49
  • 200Day Average: 61711.77

SILVER Indicators & signals

Indicator MACD (12,26,9)

68215.62, 67084.38, 486.1
Indicator MACD is in positive zone

Indicator ADX (14)

44.25, 37.61, 14.54
Indicator ADX is indicating that momentum is weak.
Indicator ADX is showing that momentum is towards buying

Indicator RSI (14)

Current RSI is: 48
Indicator RSI is indicating buying momentum and stock might rise.

Recent prices of SILVER Silver (chandi) are as follows: Daily volume is divided by 10 day averaged volume

Date Close Range Change % Volume
27 Mon Mar 2023 69926.00 69670.00 to 70408.00 -0.69% 0.58 times
24 Fri Mar 2023 70411.00 69911.00 to 71481.00 0.28% 1.01 times
23 Thu Mar 2023 70212.00 69400.00 to 70262.00 1.3% 0.78 times
22 Wed Mar 2023 69309.00 68409.00 to 69498.00 1.34% 0.64 times
21 Tue Mar 2023 68394.00 68127.00 to 69260.00 -0.64% 0.68 times
20 Mon Mar 2023 68838.00 68151.00 to 69550.00 0.49% 1.02 times
17 Fri Mar 2023 68501.00 67003.00 to 68710.00 2.96% 0.94 times
16 Thu Mar 2023 66531.00 66210.00 to 67833.00 -1.14% 0.91 times
15 Wed Mar 2023 67299.00 66200.00 to 68720.00 0.51% 1.28 times
14 Tue Mar 2023 66956.00 65890.00 to 67125.00 0.46% 0.93 times
13 Mon Mar 2023 66652.00 63348.00 to 66770.00 5.98% 1.81 times
10 Fri Mar 2023 62890.00 61353.00 to 63629.00 1.46% 1.18 times

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SILVER NEWS why is Silver (chandi) price falling or rising


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