Stock COTTONCNDY - Share trades in COMMODITY

Date Change Open Close High Low Volume
Fri 12 Jul 2024 0% 0.00 57980.00 0.00 0.00-100%
Thu 11 Jul 2024 -0.03% 58000.00 57980.00 58000.00 57900.00-86.62%
Wed 10 Jul 2024 -0.29% 58000.00 58000.00 58000.00 58000.00-93.31%
Tue 09 Jul 2024 0% 0.00 58170.00 0.00 0.00-100%
Mon 08 Jul 2024 -0.12% 58390.00 58170.00 58390.00 58010.00-83.28%
Fri 05 Jul 2024 -0.33% 58500.00 58240.00 58500.00 58000.00-69.9%
Thu 04 Jul 2024 -0.49% 58500.00 58430.00 58500.00 58390.00-76.59%
Wed 03 Jul 2024 -0.03% 58710.00 58720.00 58800.00 58700.00-76.59%
Tue 02 Jul 2024 0.24% 58510.00 58740.00 58970.00 58510.00-76.59%
Mon 01 Jul 2024 -0.34% 58300.00 58600.00 58780.00 58300.00-66.56%

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What is Munafa Money Flow Chart?

 What is Munafa Money Flow Chart?

Munafa Money flow chart is a chart representation of amount of actual money flow in a stock at any given day. For example, the prices of the stock might be climbing, but the actual money flow in the stock might be decreasing. This clearly indicates that a sell off is in the making. Likewise, the prices of a stock might be falling, but the amount of money flowing in the equity might be increasing. This would mean that eventually prices are about to move up.

A RED money bar means that money is going out of the stock. The longer the bar, the more the money that flowed out. Similarly, a green bar represents that money is flowing into the stock. How much money has come in depends on the length of the bar. The longer the bar, the stronger the sentiment!

The white line on top of the chart is the actual closing point line chart of the stock. It represents current price movement. The bars represent the actual money that flowed in or out of the stock on that particular day. Current price and volume in percentages is written below the chart for quick reference.

Munafa Money Flow formula is an exclusive MunafaSutra calculation. These charts are not available anywhere else on internet or in softwares. These are not Money Flow Index (MFI) charts. MFI has a drag to them because it uses EMA as its basic calculation. Munafa Money Flow charts are not based on EMA. These are 100% current, and move along the price line. I trust these more than MFI charts. If you found them somewhere else, please report it to us using the email on this page.

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